Focused on the growth and long-term objectives of our portfolio companies.

About Us

We provide great services and ideas

Rally Point Capital, LLC is a family office that leverages our experience and assets to achieve significant returns through direct private investments. We partner with other families, institutions and high net worth individuals to invest in closely held businesses.

Rally Point has the benefits of a traditional fund without the rigid investment mandate. While we have committed capital, we maintain significant flexibility regarding industry, structure and holding period.

Experience shows that we are most successful when we align ourselves with veteran operators and execute individualized strategies focused on building long-term value.

Investment Criteria

We make equity and/or debt investments in companies with a history of positive cash flow, sustainable profitability and veteran management teams.
Typically our investments fall into one of these categories:


Veteran operators seeking capital to grow their business – through expansion and/or acquisition. As a sponsor, Rally Point provides services and support to facilitate the expansion and professionalization of an organization.


Owners with experienced, but under-capitalized management teams seeking financing to transition a closely held business. Rally Point typically delivers more money — faster — to ownership than traditional transition options, including ESOPs.


Owners facing special circumstances or recapitalizing their business. Rally Point has committed capital, moves quickly and is flexible to pursue deals others cannot.

With each investment, Rally Point aligns itself with our portfolio companies by providing services and support to position the business for a liquidity event.

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